Updated Office 365 integration

On October 12th, we will start to roll out a major update that integrates RunYourMeeting even more closely with Office 365. The new integrations biggest improvement is that all your Outlook calendar meetings will now automatically show up in RunYourMeeting. Each time you open the meeting overview in RunYourMeeting, well synchronize with your Outlook calendar and retrieve your meetings. Great, right!?

"Yeah, that sounds great, but what about that appointment at the hairdresser on Friday, is that going to pop up in RunYourMeeting as well?". Well, we've thought about that and we realize that everybody uses their calendar differently. Some of us use it strictly for business meetings and others mix in private reminders and events that stretch over more than one day. For this reason, we have chosen not to synchronize two specific types of calendar activities with RunYourMeeting.

The first type that weve chosen to exclude is activities without other participants. In Outlook, these are called appointments. Appointments are often things like, "Call Sarah" or "Go to the hairdresser". But as soon as you invite another person to an appointment in Outlook, then its no longer an appointment, its a meeting. RunYourMeeting will retrieve your meetings but not your appointments from Outlook.

ve seen how people using RunYourMeeting work and we believe that this fits well with the way youre combining Outlook with RunYourMeeting. Calendar activities that have more than one participant are likely to be actual meetings that you want to find in RunYourMeeting, enabling you to create an agenda, write meeting notes, distribute action items and so on.

The second type of calendar activity that we have chosen to exclude are all day activities. In Outlook, activities that last for 24 hours or more are called events. These are often used like appointments in that they are there to remind you of something you need to do or somewhere you need to be. Youre also more likely to invite others or be invited by others to this kind of calendar event, even though its not an actual meeting. Events could be something like Vacation, San Francisco or TechCrunch Disrupt.

So, provided that your meeting is a real meeting (according to Outlooks definition) and that it is in your calendar, it will show up in RunYourMeeting too.

But, there
s another scenario. Lets say you want to start your meeting process by creating a meeting and an agenda in RunYourMeeting which you want to appear in Outlook. No worries, thats perfectly fine too.  Just open the more options menu next to your meeting and click Export meeting to Outlook. When you do this, the meeting will appear in your Outlook calendar and a meeting calendar invitation will be sent out to all meeting participants.

The whole purpose of this improved integration is to avoid doing the same work twice. Weve made sure that the meetings in RunYourMeeting always display the same information as the meetings in Outlook. To ensure this, weve integrated the two so that it wont matter if you update a meeting in RunYourMeeting or in Outlook, the changes are always in sync.

We have also updated our Outlook add-in for Office 365 the "RunYourMeeting agenda builder". The biggest change here is that its no longer just the meeting organizer, but also all meeting participants that can open the add-in in a meeting invitation to view and edit the agenda directly in Outlook. We've also made a number of performance improvements and fixed a bug that has prevented some users from opening the add-in because of an authentication failure with Office 365.

Our mission is to simplify your working life and we believe that these improvements really will. During the fall, we will continue to enhance our integration with Office, improve the add-in as well as many other features of RunYourMeeting based on your feedback.

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